Saturday, January 21, 2012

Astrological Significance of Chinese New Year

Its been quite some time since I last blogged. Well, I was in good shape today so I decided to pen something.

Tommorow, 23 January 2012, we would be celebrating the Chinese new year. This year is considered the year of the Water Dragon. It is said that this year is also going to be challenging year for everyone.

Existing literature explains that the CNY (Chinese New Year) is celebrated to welcome the changing of the winter season to that of the spring season in China. Though this is a valid reason, why then is it called The Lunar Chinese New Year?

Well, actually the CNY is celebrated on the New Moon (Amavasai) on the 1st day of the Chinese Calender. As with Hindu traditional custom, the new moon day is used to honour ancestors. Isn't this a great coincidence? Both Chinese and Indian custom honour the ancestors during the new moon?

Well if you ask me, there is only 1 answer to this. Ancient India and ancient China has always had a great relationship. Indian sages such as Bhogar and Bodhinatha had travelled to China to spread their teachings. China too had sent envoys such as Cheng Ho to India to learn of its cultures. Thus an exchange of ideas and practices would cannot be ruled out.

While the CNY is celebrated on the new moon and the 1st waxing moon, the Chap Goh Meh or lantern festival is celebrated on the 14th day, which is the full moon. Thus, the lantern actually is a symbol of the full moon signifying the importance of the full moon.b\

Therefore, the CNY is actually a spiritual period for the chinese, starting from the new moon till the full moon. Ancestor worship, family reunion, and prayers are all part and parcel of the CNY.

Therefore, contrary to popular believe the Chinese also believe on the lunar and planetary effects on the human mind and have devoted a period of time for contemplation.

Well, thats my short thought on the CNY. Before I end this blog post, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy chinese new year 2012, may everyone be blessed with an abundance of good health, great wealth and infinite happiness.

Gong Xi Fa Chai...

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy Arudra Darisanam 2012

Well folks, its my favourite day of the year again. Its Arudra Darisinam. Its my favourite day because of 2 reasons. It is celebrated for my favourite deity, Lord Shiva on the star Tiruvadirai or Arudra in Sankskrit. This year it falls on 8 January 2012.
ARUDRA DARISANAM is a festival , celebrated on the day of Tiruvadirai star in Margazhi month.It is essentially Shaivite festival and celebrates the Cosmic dance of Lord Shiva. Arudra star is one of two stars that have the prefix "THIRU". Another star is Onam star - "Thiruonam"favoured for Shiva and Mahavishnu repectively.

Arudra denotes a Red Flame.Lord Shiva has also a name called "Semporjyoti" or "Golden Red Flame". It is in the form of light the lord performs his function of five activities which are Creation, Protection, destruction,Embodiment and Release. Nataraja is the manifestation of the Lord Shiva as a Light.In the month of Marghazhi , on the day when Tiruvadirai star and the Full Moon coincide , we celebrate the esctatic dance of Shiva.

On the Tiruvadirai day in margazhi , Lord Natraja comes out in procession to give darshan to his devotees.In Sanskrit ‘Arthirai’ is called ‘Ardhra’ and the Thiruvathirai anointing ceremony is called Ardhra Abisheka and the Thiruvathirai viewing as Ardhra Darshan. It is held as a great achievement to view the Nataraja's procession in Chidambaram.

In Chidambaram abhishekam for the Lord on tiruvadhirai day in Margazhi will be performed in a grand manner and the devotees will be given KALI as prasadham.Obtaining the prasadam , is attainment of bliss through the Lord.

Story behind why Kali is given as Prasadham :
A devotee named Sendanar had the habit of eating food after offerring it to Lord and then distribute among other devotees . Only the leftover he will eat.On the tiruvadirai day , due to constant bad weather he couldn't get any essential items for preparring proper meal.He had no other option but to mix water with rice flour and prepare a mashed paste.Lord Shiva understood his predicament.He wanted the people to know how sincere his devotee was to him.He disguised himself as a siva devotee and enjoyed what was given to him as food.And as he stood for a while in the Nataraja Sanctrum,The Lord Showered the Kali all over the premises , in recognition of his deep devotion.Since the day the miracle happened Kali is the special offering to Lord Nataraja on Margazhi.
Legend Behind Arudhra darisanam :Once when Mahaa Vishnu was lying down on the great Serpent Adhi sesha, Adhi sesha felt Mahaa Vishnu was quite heavy that time. He asked Mahaa Vishnu what was the reason. Mahaa Vishnu said that he was remembering and enjoying the Dance of Lord Shiva. The answer developed the desire in Adhi seesha to see the Great Dance of Lord Shiva. He asked Mahaa Vishnu how his desire could be fulfilled. Mahaa Vishnu asked him to go to Chithamparam and do "tapas". Adhi seesha came to Chithamparam and prayed the Lord for a long time.
There was another muni and devotee of Lord Shiva in that place, called Viyaagra paadha. He prayed to God to get the legs of tiger, so that he can pluck flowers early in the morning to offer to the God, before any bee touches the flower. He was also praying God to see His Great Dance for a long time.Pleased with their prayer the God appeared on the Thiruvaadhirai day and danced in Chithamparam. The Nataraaja image of the Lord is prayed with great devotion this day. In Chithamparam and other temples it is celebrated as Arudraa dharshanam. In this festival abhisheeka (holy anointing) of Lord Nataraaja takes place early in the morning and then He comes around the town.

So I hope all of you enjoy on this special day and may the blessings and grace of Lord Shiva be upon all.
Om Nama Shivaya.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


This few days, I have been getting many inspirations. In fact too much of it. Some pertaining to my passion of astrology and metaphysics. Some on my accounting issues. And the best of all on my creative movie acting/directing passion.

As I've been bestowed with great blessings of the moon on my natal chart, that makes me a natural actor and a creative specimen. Alas, my Venus' position in my astrological chart is a bit messed up thus, I've not been able to make it in either Hollywood, Bollywood or even Malaysiawood!!!...blooody crap!

Anyway thought of sharing this crazy little storyline that came to my mind the other day. Its metaphysical in nature, it has to because it comes from me, the 8th House guy!!!...

Well the title of the movie would be "Lucy". Lucy is a demon who possesses a guy name Abhijit. Lucy in essence is a Mohini (English : Succubus). Oh yeah, its a tamil movie in the making. Abhijit mysteriously turns into Lucy every full moon day and kills guys and takes them as her soul slaves.

The movie is meant to be a different kind of tamil movie genre where you will have horror, comedy, and of course the Satchit Anantha efffect. In the end, there will be a twist of magnamious proportions.

So you may ask when the movie's going to be released? Well, if at all I can assemble my team and find the necessary finance I hope to do it in 5 years time.

Till then, I guess I can only daydream of the movie and come up with a script.

What the mind can imagine, men can achieve...Aum

Monday, January 2, 2012

My 2012 New Year Message

I had one of the best new years in many years. Family gatherings and partying was so awesome. Its was  as though you forget there's a reality out there.

Anyway, thought of blogging some of my thoughts here today. I guess I would like to share a simple thought with all of you here.

The world is starting to become complex and sophisticated as time goes by. People are starting to experience the result of this situation and turning themselves into agents of destruction and hatred. Extremism in beliefs and thinking is prompting many damages not just to the physical hardware but also to the fabric of our own conciousness.

People are disorienting themselves by focusing on the extrinsic traits such as race, creed, gender, status and religion and differentiating themselves from one another. Why should we differentiate ourselfs when the colour of all our blood is just the same?

Thefore my simple humble message for this new year is to set aside all our differences together, and lets embrace in the notion of humanity and brotherhood of all mankind. Lets put a stop to all wars, conflicts, and discriminations. Lets welcome this year with a fresh insight of humane love and bring forth the healing presence of the divine touch into our world together.

Happy New Year 2012.