Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The religion of Gagamaga, Lomobomo and Hocopoco

Let me tell you a story. A thousand of years ago, there were 3 civilisations in this world. The first civilisation was known as the Gagamaga. The second civilisation was known as Lomobomo. And finally the 3rd civilisation was Hocopoco. In these times 1,000 of years back, there were no modern facilities and was an era where science was not prevelant among the inhabitants of all 3 civilisations. They tended to believe superstitions and made rituals part of their civilisations.

Now, in Gagamaga they believe that semen is an essence of God as it gave life. They referred to semen as Gaga. They worshipped Gaga as their God. They idolised Gaga in a human form and offered worship through a special ritual called momo. In today's terms momo is actually sexual intercourse between man and woman. Therefore man and woman worshipped their God, Gaga through the practice of momo which essentially is sexual intercourse. Now as time went by, the population of Gagamaga increased, many people started to intepret their religion differently. More idols were made of Gaga and each faction asserted that their version of Gaga was the right God. This went on and on. Though the ritual of momo still went on, many people started to question it.

Now, lets put Gagamaga aside for a while. Meanwhile, the 2nd civilisation, Lomobomo was also worshipping semen as their god. They called semen Lomo. Unlike Gagamaga, the Lomos' believed that Lomo cannot be idolised and prayers just made in the name of Lomo. The Lomos also worshipped their god through a ritual. The ritual was called Blowblow. In today's term it means fellatio/cunnilingus or oral sex. So the Lomos worshipped their god, Lomo through the practice of blowblow. As time went by, the population of Lomobomo also increased like that of Gagamaga. People started questioning the rituals and beliefs of their religion.

Now leaving Lomobomo aside, the 3rd civilisation at the time, the Hocopoco. The Hocopoco people also believed the semen as their god and called their god Hoco. Similar to the Lomos' they believed their god Hoco cannot be idolised or imagined. The ritual that they used to worship Hoco was through a practice called bumbum which in today's term is sodomy or anal sex. As the other 2 civilisations, Hocopocos' population also started to increase. This also resulted in the people questioning the practice of their ancestors.

After a few 100 years, the Hocopocos' had a ruthless leader. He was so immersed in spreading the religion of Hocos to the world that he declared war on anyone not believing in Hoco or the bumbum ritual. He's name was Sod. Sod first targeted the Lomobomo civilisation. He believed that the Lomos' are all infidels worth to be reeducated into proper worship. The practice of blowblow was a heresay and blasphemeous to the view of Sod. So Sod raised an army and invaded Lomobomo.

Unfortunately, Sod's campaign failed. The Lomos' were well equipped and they fought bravely. Many of Sod's army were dead or captured by the Lomo army. The Lomos without any compassion tortured the captured Hoco soldiers. They made them to confess that they were worshipping the devil called Somo. The Lomos believed that Somo had falled from grace with Lomo and now is trying to defeat Lomo by manipulating and cheating humanity. So all the Hoco soldiers were tried in the court of the Lomo and found guilty of Somocraft which means the worship of the devil, Somo.

Back home, King Sod of the Hoco dynasty was devastated. Back home, due to his defeated army, there was a religious rebellion where many Hocos wanted to change their religion to that of the Lomos, after all the Lomos were victorious over the Hocos. Sod was mad with fury. He asked his religious council to issue an edict whereby he said that anyone converting to be a Loco be punisable by death. The practice of blowblow was to be forbidden. Death by stoning would occur if one is found guilty of blowblow. Many citizens of Hocopoco was arrested and hanged due to Sod's suspicion of them abandoning the bumbum worship of Hoco.

Meanwhile, Sod was also rearming his armies so he could invade Gagamaga. Now Gagamaga were peace loving people who would not even kill animals. They were vegetarians and had the most revered respects for the universe. Though they had many versions of Gaga, all of them lived harmoniously through mutual respect and solved their differences through dialouge. So when Sod arrived with his brutal army in the riverbanks of Gagamaga, the Gagas' were terrified and ran for their life. This was an easy victory for Sod. Sod captured many prisoners and made sure all of them made the bumbum ritual and prayed to Hoco. The Gagas' were shocked by the ritual and some commited suicide.

After many years, King Gag, the newly crowned king of Lomobomo heard of what happened to the Gagas'. Immediately he raised an army an attacked Sod in the capital city of Gagamaga, Yoniland.  While in battle, suddenly a frail looking old man from Gagaland came to meet both King Sod and King Gag.

The frail old man approached both the kings and asked why they are fighting. Sod was the first to answer. Sod said it was his moral duty to spread the wisdom of the Hocos of worshipping Hoco through the bumbum ritual. Gag said the same thing which was to spread the wisdom of the Locos of worshipping Loco through the blowblow ritual.

The man looked at both of them and smiled. "King Sod, may I ask what is the meaning of Hoco?" Sod replied, "As far as I understand from my ancestors Hoco means Semen". The old man turned to Gag and asked him, "King Gag, what about yourself, what is the meaning of Lomo?". Gag turned to answer the old man, "As far as I understand Lomo means Semen too". And the wise men said, "in fact what we worship in Gagamaga, our god Gaga is also Semen. So gentlemen in essence we are all worshipping the same god. The only thing is we give our god different names."

On hearing this wise words, both Sod and Gag was awestruck. What the old man revealed was very true. Gag then asked, "but our worship is different. god can only be reached through blowblow ritual". "Well wise king Gag, why dont you try the ritual of momo or bumbum and see whether you experience Lomo? And for you king Sod, why dont you try the ritual of momo or blowblow and experience Hoco?", continued the wise man.

Both Sod and Gag agreed to this experiment. Sod tried the momo method of worship and found that he experienced Hoco completely. Then he tried blowblow and he also experienced Hoco completely. Same happen for Gag. Gag tried momo and bumbum and both lead him to experience Lomo.

The next day, both kings were estatic. There were profound happiness in their faces. Both of the kings hugged each other and declared the war ended and a declaration that they would leave Gagamaga.

So dear readers, the moral of the story is no matter which version of god we worship, whether it is Gaga, Lomo or Hoco, we're all worshipping one and the same god. Moral number 2 is, whichever method we used to worship our god, whether it is momo, blowblow or bumbum, at the end of the day all methods work and leads to god.

The above story is an analogy of what is happening in our beloved planet today. Wars and conflicts are occuring because of our differences over religious ideologies. We fail to understand each others' views and are antagonistic towards others' faith and beliefs. Just as the above story illustrate, all roads lead to god. Let us take some time to understand each other and love one another as a brother and sister. Lets end all enimity towards one another and work for a better world.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Why be a vegan?

The Hindus believe in being a vegetarian. As per the Holy scriptures, the Vedas and the Gita, vegetarianism is lauded. However, there are also detractors to this philosophy. But before I progress further let me just make a personal statement. I am not a vegetarian myself, though at times I am. I would explain why this is so in a few moments.

But let us look at our anatomy first and formost. Our anatomy is that of an omnivour and not a herbivour (such as that of a cow or goat). We have a set of canine teeth to tear away meat and we also have acidic juices in our stomach to digest meat. All this is so because humankind has evolved for many years and thus slowly we have evolved to accomodate meat.

As such the question pops out, should we be vegetarian? My answer to this is both a yes and no. I know you would be perplexed by my answer here, but please bear with me and read on.

The answer yes first. We should be a vegan. There's a few reasons here. Number 1, is a health reason. Meat, red meat, etc. contains high amounts of saturated fats and bad cholestrol. All this would eventually accumulate and pose health risks such as Arteriosclerosis (hope my spelling is correct), diabetes and obesity. It can be seen already that America has one of the highest number of obese people in the world due to fast foods such as McDonalds, KFC and etc.

Secondly, a vegan diet does not create heaviness in a person. A vegan diet relaxes the stomach and the organs and this would be conducive to the practice of meditation. Now why is meditation important? It is because meditation is the tool of spirituality. By keeping the body in shape and light, our ancient wise men knew it would be conducive to a wonderful practice of concentration which leads to a delightful meditation and absorption in the cosmic conciousness.

And thirdly, animal conciousness which is transfered to human conciousness by meat consumption. At the point of death/slaughter, the emotions of animals (such as fear and panic) would manifest and be transfered to the humans who consumes it. To a small degree this affects human emotions. Believe me, I have asked meat eaters to follow me to the cemetery at midnight and none would as they feared there's ghosts and etc. The same cannot be said of pure Vegans, they were more brave!

Thus thats the few reasons I could think of of why we must be a Vegan. Now the opposing view. Why we should also include meat in our diet.

Well, for this argument there's only 2 reasons. One is circumstances. The other is pure desire for meat. Sometimes we're in the company of meat eaters (i.e. family, friends, spouse). Thus we dont want to burden them with our strict vegan diet. Secondly, we ourselves desire meat as a meal.

My take on this once again is, there should not be a desire to be a vegatarian, instead there should be no desire to eat meat!!! There is a diffence in the 2 statements above if you look at it carefully. The 1st one is being a vegan by suppresing his/her meat eating instincts. The 2nd one is leaving meat eating because one is no more interested in meat.  By suppresing our instincts we only make it worse.

Therefore, if one is really inclined to be a vegan, he/she should pray hard so that god would show them a way. Let the divinity work through the human body. Belive me, the meat eating instincts would slowly fade away.

So, as and end note may I wish everyone a Happy Vegan life...if you choose so :-)