Monday, February 15, 2016

Saturn in Scorpio - Evolution of Consciousness

How times change. Nothing seems to be static and everything changes as TIME progresses. Strangely I came across this blog again after three years of my absence. I am truly amazed to see my own writings of previous years and marveled at my own transformations. I can now see how we can reflect upon our own selves by blogging.

I am now starting to see that all is only the universal scheme of greater consciousness leading our finite consciousness into the vast ocean of itself. Like a drop of water into the ocean of existence. The age of Ascension has truly began...

With Saturn in Scorpio in 2016, the age of transformation is definitely felt in all sphere of our lives. Even countries have not been spared, whereby many have had their economies and political structures going through lots of crisis and change. While transformations are usually good in the end, it's a big challenge when it is on-going.

As for the individuals and lay persons, transformations which is denoted by Scorpio heals us from the burden of self-ego and past wounds. Saturn in Scorpio shows us our past deep rooted fears and karma and helps us to transform us from mortals to immortals (maha-mrityunjaya).

Saturn in Scorpio is akin to the story of Lord Muruga also known as Skanda. Skanda was born in the star of Visakha and also the patron of Krittika @ Pleaides Constellation. Legend has it that the Great Lord Skanda was born to kill a demon king named Surapadman.

Surapadman had obtained the boon from Lord Shiva that he will be invisible in battle and non can harm him, except for a child. Thus, tormented by the demon king Surapadman, the celestial beings approached Lord Shiva for a solution for the crisis. And thus Lord Shiva promised the celestial beings that HIS own son, will destroy the demon Surapadman.

Thus, from the 3rd eye (Agyna Chakra) of Lord Shiva was born Lord Skanda. Eventually Lord Skanda grew up and killed Surapadman. This battle between Lord Skanda and Surapadman took place in the city of Chendur, India (now known as Thiru-Chendur).

Till this day, the festival of Lord Skanda killing the demon king Surapadman is celebrated in this holy city of Tiruchendur, India. It is known as Soora-Samharam (Killing-Soorapadman) and takes place on the 6th Waxing moon when the Sun transits Visakha Nakshatra in the month of Karthigai.

Why am I telling this story though, and what is the relevance of it with today's topic? Well, the first star in Scorpio is the star Visakha (The star of Skanda). Scorpio begins with Visakha, proceeds with Anuradha (Anusham) and ends with Jyestha (Kettai). 

Thus Visakha denotes us, the God within us - the Skanda energy within us. And we are going to war with Scorpio. Scorpio is the place of Power-Ego(Surapadman). Scorpio denotes all kinds of power, good as well as evil selfish motives. Surapadman actually denotes the FINITE EGO within us all, while Lord Skanda repressents the WISDOM (GNANA SHAKTI) within us all. 

Thus when the Sun transits the star Visakham and the Moon is in the 6th waxing stage, we celebrate the annihilation of our small ego and the merging of our ego into the universal consciousness by the grace of divine wisdom which is denoted by Lord Skanda. This happens usually 6 days after the Diwali festival annually.

Therefore, during this turbulent transformative times, one needs divine guidance and wisdom, connecting oneself to the universal energies of Lord Skanda avails us the gift of transcending our lower ego self and progressing well in our spiritual journey.

All glories to Lord Skanda...Om Saravanabhava...

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Let's Go Andro Baby!

Today was a great day. The whole day was filled with great emotions and it was geared to strangely my beloved Shiva peruman. Sometimes tears will fall in my eyes that I have to wipe it out as people would think I’m nuts. Well, the truth is I’m a true nut actually. Since, I’m constantly in the realms of the 8th house I’m always in the world of secrets and taboo that normal people shy away from. For those uninitiated, the 8th house here refers to the house of the astrological chart where it rules all things secret (i.e. sex, death and rock and roll), well something like that I suppose. The 8th house being the natural house of Scorpion. Well the reason the 8th house is the place of secrets is natural if we see the mascot of this house which is the scorpion. A highly dangerous and secretive animal.Thus even this blog is called the 8th House Empire.

Anyway, let me stop about babbling about the scorpion. Since I was in some real scorpionic emotions on my Gurudev, Shiva peruman today, thought of doing something on him. After all, he’s the biggest Scorpion out there…the guru of all Scorpions out there, yeah including the Great USA!!!...yeah you got it rite, Uncle Sam was declared independent on July 4, 1776 with Scorpion as the rising ascendant sign, thus uncle Sam is all about Sex, Drugs, Death, Occult and Black Metal, hail Shiva, hail Sam, hail Pentagon! (Yeah pentagon is 5 pointed – Na Ma Shi Va Ya).

Since I feel like being in the taboo breaking kind of mood today, thought of doing something taboo-ish. Well, thought of Gurudev’s name of Ardraneeswara. This is one of the names of Shiva peruman. Ardraneeshwar is believed to be Shiva-Shakti amalgated. And of course there’s some Indian mythology behind the legend of Ardraneeshwar. Well, I’m not about to go into mythology today. I prefer to just go to logical arguments based on my 1st hand experience from of course the 8th house training I’ve underwent in the metaphysical realms given by none other than my Gurudeva, Shiva peruman himself.

Ardraneeshwar actually can be separated into two syllable. Ardra-Ishwara which means The star Arudra/ Ardra – Betelgeuse Alpha Orionis (Ardra) and God (Ishwara). Therefore it literally means the god of Ardra star. Shiva peruman in his fierce Rudra form rules this star. However, when we look carefully at this star, this star happens to have the gender of a female dog. Therefore the energies of this star is feminine in nature. Shiva therefore becomes feminine here but without losing his masculinity. He therefore becomes both male and female in one form and thus becomes Ardraneeshwara. He becomes Androgynous.

The rational or life lesson here is that of overcoming the dualities present in life. Since Shiva peruman rules enlightenment and moksha, he is telling humanity that to reach enlightenment one needs to overcome all illusions of duality present in nature (i.e. pain-pleasure, male-female, good-evil, rich-poor, etc…you get my idea…), thus he is showing us the life lesson we must understand to reach the state of universal realisation or divine realisation.

A truly enlighted being does not attach himself to the body of his living. Thus a male-bodied man can easily identify himself as a woman through crossdressing as he is not attached consciously to the body, and vice versa to a woman. However, this is easier said than done. People often view this as a total taboo or a humiliation to society if a man or woman does this, but the truth is spiritually the body is not who we are. What we are is pure divine consciousness, and that consciousness is not male or female. The crossdressers in India, called Hijrah’s are treated like semi-divine and are even invited to officiate and bless ceremonies, while in most part of the world, crossdressers and effeminate man are shunned and humiliated.

So, if you think you’re enlighted, think again. Try wearing that opposite gender’s clothes today and see if you’re comfortable with it. If you are, you’re there, or maybe somewhere near. If you’re not, don’t worry, pick up that holy book of yours and say your prayer, you will get there one day. Lets go Andro baby!!!...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Special dedication for Chinese New Year 2013

My special dedication for CNY 2013...Gong Xi Fa Chai to all and may all of us share a wonderful CNY this year....prosperity and abundance to all...Yee Sang :-)

Uttara Phalguni – The Star of the Big Bull

I guess a sudden inspiration today was the reason I’m writing about this star called Uttara Phalguni, or also known as the Utiram star today. I had written about it’s other half, Purva Phalguni previously in this blog.

So who is Mr. Uttara Phalguni? Well, just like it’s pair Purva Phalguni, this star has also sexual connotation. The name of this star means the Latter Half of the Red Bed. So, this star has deeper sexual connotation than even Purva Phalguni.
The animal associated with this star is the male bull. The bull is regarded as the animal most identified with sexual potency, especially of the male species.
Therefore, this nakshatra or star represents the male sexual potency. The deity of this asterism is non-other than Shiva peruman himself. Note that both in Purva Phalguni and Uttara Phalguni Shiva is depicted as the Shiva lingam (Divine Phalus) representing coitus or sexual union.

Shiva’s vahana (animal) is also the male bull known as Nandi. The bull here represents sexuality, very strong virile sexuality. However, when Shiva is worshipped in temples worldwide, the Nandi is often portrayed in a calm and serene sitting manner where he is not wild anymore. Why is this? The reason is that, the wild bull of Uttara Phalguni has reached the abode of another star known as Revathi, where the wild bull has become sublimated in its sexuality and has reached cosmic consciousness. The sexual force has transcended the physical realm and went into divine blissful consciousness.

However, in Uttara Phalguni, this bull is in full rampage. Therefore, those born under this star possess strong sexual powers and desires. And with this sexual powers, there comes great love as well. Therefore, just like Purva Phalguni, this star also represents love. While Purva is about receiving love (feminine) in nature, Uttara is about giving love (masculine) in nature. And man who are born in this star is definitely lucky as they are endowed with a huge, powerful and strong….well…”divinity” which would definitely make a woman go into divine ecstasy…

Since, sexuality is strong here, this star has to do with all kinds of partnerships and contracts. Therefore, it covers the portfolio of marriage. In mythology, all the deities, from Shiva to Kartikeya were married under this star, on the day of Pangguni Utiram, where the moon is full in Uttara Phalguni. Thus this star is good for marriages and shanti muhurthams (consummation of marriage).
The star, since it is related to love also deals with patronage of all sorts. A patron at the end of the day is about giving love. Therefore, great patrons or godfathers of sorts are made under this star. Many leaders including George Washington are born under this star.

The Star of the Godfathers....


Those who are born under this star should connect themselves to the energies of Shiva peruman. Those who want to take advantage of the power and energies of this star should also do the same. By worshipping the Shivalingam when the moon transits this star, one is blessed by its universal energy of divine love.
May everyone be blessed with the universal energies of Uttara Phalguni…Aum to Love….ehhhhhaaaaaa…..


Monday, January 14, 2013

Significance of Ponggal

Today is ponggal celebrations. I thought of penning down a bit about ponggal and its significance. Ponggal is celebrated every year by the Indian community worldwide in the month of January which is known in Tamil as the Thai month. Thus it is also called Thai Ponggal in Tamil language.
Ponggal is known as the harvest festival and is celebrated in a grand scale with earthen pot being used to boil milk and make boiled sweet rice known as “ponggu sorru”. This tradition has been honoured since time immemorial to honour the Sun as the sun is crucial in the agriculture cycle. Without the sun’s rays, there would not be crops to harvest.
Thus Ponggal is a celebration to honour the sun. Astrologically, it is known as Makara Sanskriti. Makara is Sanskrit for the zodiac sign of Capricorn while Sanskriti means transit. Thus it is the transit of sun into the Zodiac sign of Capricorn (Makara).It marks the period of Sun’s positive growth known as Uttaranarayana period which means the sun is growing in power not unlike the moon’s waxing period. The Sun is Up!!!...
However, you may ask what is so significant of sun entering Capricorn. After all Capricorn is owned by Sun’s enemy, Saturn. Wouldn’t Sun feel uncomfortable transiting into the sign of his own enemy and more so bitter enemy?
Well, here’s the thing. One must not just look at the outer picture of transit into Capricorn. We need to analyse further into the star constellation sun is transiting into. The star (nakshatra) sun is going into is known as Uttarashada in Sanskrit or Uttiradam in Tamil. The meaning of Uttarashada is “the latter invisible one” which means it is a star representing great victory. The symbol of this star is the elephant tusk while the presiding deity of the star is Lord Ganesha.
So why does sun reaches its full potential in this star? As mentioned earlier this star has to do with victory in the universal sense. Thus this is the star of universal victory. And universal victory means Dharma, principled living and principled actions. So although ponggal signifies harvest, the real esoteric meaning of ponggal is the victory of dharma over adharma (unrighteousness). The harvest represents the victory of the Devas (Divine beings) over the Asuras (Demonic beings).
Therefore, it is not that the sun is comfortable in Capricorn, instead it is powerful because of the star of Uttarashada, the bastion of universal dharma. Thus, when we celebrate ponggal this year lets reflect on dharma and practice principled living and actions in all spheres of our life. Thus we can celebrate ponggal each year with magnimity and joyfulness celebrating the universal victory of Dharma.
May I take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy ponggal 2013. Jai Dharma.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Deities explained

It is a common knowledge that Hinduism, the oldest religion in the world has more than 33 million gods and goddesses. Wherelse many other religions places emphasis on only one god or de-god or a god without form. In this article I hope to explain the concepts of gods (gods includes goddesses here) and deities as characterised by the Hindu religion.
First and formost, when we mention God, we refer to a super-force beyond us, beyond our understanding that somehow has an impact in our life. This is what all of us subconciously believe the nature of god is whether he/she is a Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Atheist. Only atheist believe it is a universal energy/ force compared with a named/ or a god with a form, that is.
So who is correct? Many gods? or one god? Well, here my take on this based on my experience in the metaphysical realms of the hidden 8th house. For me god is infinite source of energy, being a core centripetal force Generating (G), Operating (O), and Destroying (D) the universe. As such God is beyond comprehension and is infinite. The emphasis is on the word infinite.

The mathematical sign of infinity is ∞. Now mathematically to arrive at this, we must divide 1 with 0. Therefore to understand God basically we need to divide 1 with 0 to be infinite. When we become infinite we will truly understand God. So, you may be asking what I'm talking about here, as it sounds crazy. Well, as Einstein says, genius is truly madness, and Einstein too was crazy in his age. Anyway, I will not dwell on this anymore. To put it simply, to understand the true meaning of God is known as the spiritual process. This is not something I'm about to discuss today.
Our topic today centers on the concept of deities or archetypes. Well as I said god is infinite, that means he is everything. So could he be "Abundance"? Of course he is abundance! Could he be "Attraction"? Of course also! Could he be "Wisdom"? Of course once again. He is all and everything. Thus the 33 million gods (deities) in the hindu religion. In fact the list can go on and on, just that the Hindus were tired of creating more deities and retired into finding infinity long time back.

So lets just focus on three things here, which is abundance, attraction and wisdom. Is these 3 things important in life? Well if it is, how do we maximise these things? How do we get more wealth and prosperity (abundance)? how about beauty and relationship/love (attraction)? or knowledge and education (wisdom)?
The answer is we use the "law of attraction"...
What the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve, says the great motivator Napoleon Hill.
Therefore, the ancients used the science and technology of deities/archetypes to master the law of attraction. In the present times, motivators are using this law of attraction by using the techniques of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)  to do the magic. However, the problem is that most of the people are failing because this method is not powerful as it fails to cater to  the unconcious mind. And its only 50% successful in the subconcious level itself!
The Hindu science on the other hand, were devised by ancient spiritual masters called Siddhars/ Sages who were in the infinite stage of evolution. They had become one with god and mastered all attributes of god, they brought us the science of deities to benefit mankind.
The science is quite simple but profound and practised througout the ages. Lets just take the concept of "Abundance". How do we bring abundance in life. Well the first method taught by the western world is think abundance. Next is to visualise abundance. Next is believe we're in abundance. Well, many of my friends and clients had tried this, some managed better while some failed. This is once again because of our own karmic blocks in the unconcious, those lucky ones were free from this karmic limitations in the unconcious and had some successes.
A better way is to connect oneself to a deity. In the case of abundance, the Hindu sciences have consecrated a deity named Lakshmi. In fact all the modern words like Lux-ury and Luc-ky, comes from sanskrit Lakshmi. The Lakshmi archetype represents abundance and prosperity. For thousands of years, this deity has been given life (by process called consecration) and she now lives in realms of the collective unconcious. Thus by connecting to her, one slowly attracts abundance and wealth to oneself. She clears the pathways to abundance. Thus, by no other measure, she is the most popular deity in Hindu culture.
Thus, there are 33 million deities each offering one aspect of what we desire in life. The most popular deities are as follows:-
Goddess Lakshmi --> Abundance and prosperity
Goddess Saraswati --> Knowledge and arts

Goddess Parvathi --> Attraction and love

Goddess Durga --> Power and victory

Goddess Kali --> Destruction of enemies

Shiva --> Immortality and spiritual wisdom

Vishnu --> Prosperity and good life

Brahma --> Creation, creativity and strength

Ganesha --> Removal of obstacles

Kartikeya --> Success

So, in an essence, the deities that are worshiped in Hinduism are archtypes which help us in living our life to the fullest. They are embodiments of God, the infinite super soul. It really boils down to what we want most in life. For example, my own burning desire is to understand all the mysteries in life and become the infinite super soul, thus I pray to the Shiva archetype. In fact what I write in this blog all flows from his teachings and wisdom, in which I merely share the knowledge. Thus is with the other deities. At the end of the day, we can have whatever we want in life. The technology of deities is available to all and sundry. By using this technology one can lead a wonderful prosperous life.
God bless all...amen

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The science of astrology explained

The science of astrology has been with mankind since time immemorial. Most of the ancient civilizations including the Arabs, Egyptians, Indians, Chinese and the Sumerians used the techniques of astrology to predict natural calamities to their fortune and timing the planting of seeds for agriculture.
So what is astrology? Astrology in a nutshell is based on the principle of how the subtle planets within us affect us or the Earth. All entities have a certain magnetic influence upon another entity to a certain extent. This effect becomes the subtle effect influencing a certain body. Thus our planet for example is influenced by the motion of the moon phase culminating in the tides during full moon periods.

Throughout the ancient world and also the modern times, people have used this science to predict the future. Well is this possible? Is the future written in black and white? And if so by whom?
Well, based on my own research this is not so. The future is not written on anybody's forehead. Instead, we create our own reality based on our thought patterns. However, it is the thought patterns that become the big question. How are thought patterns created? Who creates them? And this questions haunt us on and on.
This is where astrology comes in. Every human being is born at a certain time at a certain place with a certain planetary combination in the sky. A the time of birth, the position of the moon is analysed to indicate the type of mind that one has. The star the moon transits is called Nakshatra (Birthstar constellation), The phase of the moon is known as Tidhi and the zodiac sign the moon is posited is known as Rasi.

In a nutshell, the Rasi, Nakshatra and Tidhi influences how we think and react to things. Since this influences us, our thought patterns becomes influenced and this creates a certain reality and manifests itself as our future. Why the position of the moon is taken? This is because at the time of birth, the position of moon in the sky reflects the condition of the mind the infant is born with based on the philosophy of "As above so below". Whatever happens in the universe is only a reflection of things happening within ourselves. Moon is taken as moon represents reflection, and the mind is but a reflection of the universe. The tarot card of the Magician implicitly shows this "As above, So below" connotation as follows:-
Thus, compared to Western Astrology, the Indian system of Vedic Astrology places more emphasis on the moon. As moon represents how we experience the world and react to it compared to western system which places the importance on Sun positions. Also, Vedic Astrology uses the star constellations, nakshatras to do the analysis of a horoscope.
So why am I sharing all this information? Well, this is because from my experience, I am quite disheartned with how this science has been misused by people for personal gain and profit. Charlatan or con mans have used this science to fool people to enrich themselves. Giving fake advices and promoting their useless products, people have been duped into believing their fate can be changed!
This has made this science a laughing stock for rationalist worldwide. The vast majority of astrologers out there does not have the neccessasy qualifications to be a good astrologer. Many astrologers do not even meditate or have a spiritual practice to enable them to analyse and give constructive advice to people they engage with. They are merely doing it for the money and not for the joy of helping a person genuinely or for enriching the science of astrology.
To learn astrology therefore, one need to be committed to a good spiritual practice. One is gifted if one has a good guide or guru for them. Luckier are those who come with an ancestral astrological genetical makeup and have a guru. Luckiest would be those with the DNA, the guru as well as benefic deity who loves them very much.
In a nutshell, astrology should be used as a compass in one's life. Just like it would be difficult to navigate the terrain if we do not have a GPS system, astrology could be used as our life GPS systen to understand ourselves better and lead productive lifes. Predicting the future on the other hand is a senseless use of astrology which is done in ignorance. By understanding ourselves better using astrology one handles life's many challenges better and much more intelligently. By doing so, one becomes successful and happy.