Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year 2012

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all the readers of this blog a wonderful Happy New Year 2012 and may all be blessed with abundance and prosperity all year long.

Love and hugz from Satchit Anantha aka Daddy Cool...

Special Dedication to the Navagrahas (Planets)

The Navagrahas (Planets) have always been misundertood and cursed by the masses for all their problems and difficulties. Well poor Navagrahas, they have to take this brunt from time to time. People fail to understand that the Navagrahas, just like us have a duty assigned to them and they have to carry this out witthout any bias.

Well, its 2011 years since the dead of Jesus Christ, and the world is still spinning in its axis together with all the other planets. Happily moving in their orbits swinging in style.

Well, since its new year, I thought of doing a special dedication to the 9 Navagrahas who are working hard day and night in the milky way galaxy of ours. Therefore, I have decided to do a dance in honour of my beloved Navagrahas.

Happy 2012 Dear Beloved Navagrahas...I love all of you...

The Astrological Significance of the English New Year

Hey, its the 31st December 2011. Tommorow is yet another New Year in the horizon. So yeah, its time for the resolution thingy and goal setting thingy. Hmm of all the new years, I had always been good in setting goals and resolutions, and when I review it at the end of the year, well I guess I'm good at planning and teribble in implementing, if you get what I mean!!!...

Anyway, just thought of nibbling something here today, as I still can't sleep at 3.15AM Malaysian time.'s that insomnia zombie nights again. Anyway since I can't sleep, that gives me an impectus to blog.  So I thought to write something about the New Year.

Well, many people say astrology is just a cup of bull. Others say destiny is within one's own hand. All this may be true, but may I remind all that even our English New Year is based on astrology. Yeah thats right, astrology.

Basically we celebrate new year when the Earth has completed 1 orbit cycle around the sun. Thats what we term as the English New Year based on the Gregorian calender. Therefore the new year as such is actually an astrological event! To debunk that astrology doesnt affet us is akin to being an hipocrite. At least in some manner this thing affects us.

Just scroll a pages in facebook today and everyone's talking about resolutions and goals. Some are planning parties and a couple of beers. All this to celebrate the New Year. In a way what they are celebrating is the orbit cycle of Earth over the sun, year in year out. So how does astrology not affect our life?

Thus one of the most important day in our life, the new year is based on rotation of Earth orbit around the sun. Therefore, astrology has an impact on our life. I mean we don't head to the drinking holes on March 7 every year, do we? Or how about June 5? Nay. But we do it on Jan 1! As an honour to the Earth's yearly cycle.

So to the folks who still do not think astrology have significance in our life, well think again...its everywhere.

Rite, enough of astro stuff for today, I'm gonna try to hit the bed again and try to sleep. In 26 hours mother Earth would have finished another round of going around the Sun. Well to mother Earth, my best wishes and wish you all the best in doing it year after year.

May god's blessing be with divine mother Earth and the blessings be extended to all our plants, trees, oceans, mouintains, waterfalls, etc...Happy New Year 2012

p.s. What shall I set as a goal this year???....Nah, the best goal is no goals!!!

The Bhagavad Gita, One book - 2 Intepretations ???

The above two books are the most successful Bhagavad-Gita versions in the market. The first one was intepreted by Paramahansa Yogananda while the second was by His Holiness Srila Prapupada.

The story of Bhagavad-Gita ("BG") tells us about the war in Kurusektra in ancient India. The war is fought by the righteous (the Pandavas brothers) agaisnt the evil forces (the Kauravas). Both forces are related by blood. Therefore, Arjuna, one of the Pandava brothers was in dilema when he was about to shoot his arrow into the heart of his fellow Kauravas (Arjuna was the best ancient marksman by historical account). Thus Lord Krishna gives his teachings to Arjuna and enlightens him of his duties as a Ksatriya (Warrior) to the righteous and thus his sermon becomes the Holy Gita.

Many accounts of the intepretations of the Gita has been given by numerous people, but the two above stand above the rest.

The 1st one, by Paramhansa Yogananda is an intepratation of the Gita based on Raja Yoga/ Kriya Yoga. Yogananda brings us fresh insights of how Krishna is actually speaking of yoga in the Gita. In a nutshell it is the spiritual intepretation of the text. Once again spirituality is an inward process, therefore the Kurusektra war is looked as an internal battle of the soul-concioussness against the minefield of the ego.

On the other hand, the 2nd version by Srila Prapupada is an intepration based on the bakthi (devotional) path. It focuses more on the relationship between man and the supreme personality of godhead, who is Sri Krishna himself. It could be said that this is the religious intepretation of the text. The gist of the teachings is that Arjuna (the man who represents the masses) have to perform his duties as per his karma, but in doing so as long as he attributes all his actions to god (Krishna) and dutifully worships Krishna would be abated from sins and released from the cycle of birth-death.

Both books fascinate me to this day. I first read Srila Prabupada's version when I was 14 years old while that of Yogananda's I read when I was 22 years old. I find both intepretation wonderful and at the same time enlightening. Over the years I've been able to synthesise both teachings and practice both aspects concurrently and find it nourishing as well refreshing.

I guess religion without spirituality is akin to love without sex. It is not fullfilling the human conciousness fully. At the same time spirituality without religion is like sex without love. There is plenty of fun and joy, but there's no intimacy.

So I guess, moral of the story is that we need to balance our spiritual and religious practices. A balance is needed for us to grow in a harmonious way with the natural laws. We have to deny our own self of extremistic views and embrace a more positive looks into all teaching of the great enlighted souls.

Though both men, both Srila Prabupada and Paramhansa Yogananda has left the mortal coil, their teachings and inspiration still keeps me going. They give me insights in the times of difficulties and dark chapters of life.

Therefore, I sincerely urge all seekers of the truth to embrace the Holy Gita as a guide as well as a divine friend to embark on our spiritual journey throughout our life. The Gita I believe as numerous people believe, had benefited all walks of man in some way or other and helped empower others. Get your copy today and do share with me your own experiences.


Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Big "I" aka "Eye" - A Preview

Everyone nowadays is talking about armageddon in 2012. It has reached a feverish pitch. I guess we have to thank the mass media controlled by Hollywood for this. The latest armageddon themed movie is "The Darkest Hour" , a telling story about an alien race who survives on electricity bent on destroying the world. Well, I saw it yesterday and was pretty dissapointed with the movie. It was below my expectations!

The movie aside, perhaps there's other blogs for movie reviews, the topic I want to discuss today is a more sinister topic. Its a topic most people will be interested to know but dont want to know. As they say ignorance is bliss.

The Big "I" or also known as the Big "Eye" is a monikor I'm giving to the people or group of people who actually control our world today and who sets agenda for our world. It is clandestine and secret in nature thus many people are unaware of it.

Well, I believe, the armagedon of 2012 is actually the work of this organisation. Well, it is not my intention to talk in lenght about the Big "Eye" today, but just to give a small preview into this fascinating structure.

Recently, I found a good video parodying the Big "Eye", so I thought of including it here.

So folks I hope you have enjoyed the preview so far, for more Big "eye" insights, stay tuned for future blog postings...eha....

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What is the true meaning of Brahmacharya?

Brahmacharya is lossely defined in Hinduism as celibacy or restrain from sexual activity. It is also categorically stated as a basic principle of Yama in the classical Patanjali Yoga Sutras. However, one need to ask is it true that Brahmacharya really means celibacy?

Sexuality as we know it is a basic human need. It is only natural to have sexual inclinations and desires as it is a basic human survival tool. Without sex, there will not be any reproductive capabilities and humanity as we know will slowly dwindle and go extinct.

The sankskrit definition of Brahmacharya also does not directly pinpoint to celibacy as such. Brahma means God while acarya means action. So literally it means god-action. So literallty what sage Patanjali means here is that we have to see, smell, hear, touch and taste god in all we do. Thus, all our actions become god's action and doing and we literally would be devoid of karmic consequences. There's not an iota of celibacy in this!

Further to this, lots of ancient sages recommend that a human being goes through marriage life and experience sexual bliss and union. This category of sages include the great sage Agasthiar and the great sage Thiruvalluvar of which the ancient Thirukurral is authored by. The Thirukurral has also devoted the last segment of its pages to sexual union and bliss. All this goes to show that the sages of yesteryears are in favour of natural sexual progression.

What the sages has said about sexual activity is only one. And that is sexual activity in moderation and not in excess. Sexual activity in excess would cause loss of vitality to the body. As such the sages adviced that sexual activity of 2 times per month to the maximum to safeguard the sexual vital fluid which brings about Ojas and Tejas (radiance) to the body.

Another dimension that can be explored is that, there is evidence of glorifying the sexual activity in ancient India, where we can see temples built in India which depict sexual activity. Even the most reknowned sexual text still remains the kamasutra which also originates from the ancient land of India. Further to this, there is also a branch of spirituality practice known as Tantra which bases its practice on advanced sexual techniques to attain enlightenment. Therefore all this goes to show that celibacy is not really encouraged for our spiritual practices.

Besides this, the most important fundamental thing is celibacy would be suppressing our natural sexual desire. This suppression would slowly lead to anger and depression which would result in many unwanted things. The more one suppresses his/her urges, the worse it becomes. The worst thing about this is also, suppressed sexual desires become unfullfilled desires, thus resulting in karmic imprints which would result in further births and death cycles.

All this is definetely unwarranted. Therefore, we should stop emphasising on celibacy as brahmacharya. Its a verry narrow interpretation by few unenlighted souls. Instead brahmacharya should be defined as God-Action, all actions is by god. Thus the true meaning of what sage Patanjali has said in his Yoga Sutras.

As Buddha has said before, pull the guitar string too tight and it breaks, string it too loose and there's no music...string it in the proper way and there will be melodious music. Therefore same with sexuality, too much of it would destroy us, none of it would make us docile and suppressed, in moderation it becomes melodious and harmonious....


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Astrological Remedies and Human Ignorance

Recently I got wind that a certain place in Malaysia was charging RM 1,500 for a ritual for the Shani Peyarchi (Shani Transit) thing. I wonder why people will continue to do this kind of remedy ritual for such a hugh sum not knowing the real science behind astrological remedies. Is it that people are plainly ignorant or that they don't care to update their knowledge on such matters.

And on the part of the temple authorities, why do they condone such activities? To the tune of RM 1,500 per person, doesn't that sound like excessice greed, considering the raw materials for the remedy rituals are things like cocunuts, water, fire, darbha grass, ghee, etc???

Here's a talk I did in Youtube so that people have better understanding of astrological remedies. It is my intention that people wake up and realize the folly and ignorance of doing this kind of remedies.


Sage Profile - Who is Gnanavallal Paranjothi Mahan?

I first came into contact with Gnanavallal Paranjothi Mahan (GPM) in the year 2001. Although I did not meet him in person, I received innitiation into GPM's Kundalini Yoga technique. Since then I have always been grateful and count myself fortunate to been given the opportunity into this secret science. Its 2011 now and it has been 10 years. I've came a long way since then, and therefore I thought of doing a write up on this great personality who inspires me to this day.

Gnanavallal Paranjothi Mahan was born in a poor family in the village called Kansapurnam, Srivilliputtur Taluk, Ramnad District, Tamil Nadu, India on 2nd May 1900 at 8.30 p.m. On 11th November 1911, exactly 11.00 a.m there was a coronation of the King conducted in pomp and glory.

This glorious celebration hence made him to ask the elderly person again whether is there anybody greater than the King. The elderly man said “God”. Immediately he asked again whether he could see the God and the elderly man said yes he could see the God. That was the moment that he entertain that he could see the "GOD". At the age of 16 he left India and moved to Ranggon, Burma. He was in business with his uncle who was a businessman.

At the age of 32, he married to Latiffa Begum and had a boy and a girl. The boy passed away in an early age and the daughter, Mumtaz Begum is now staying in Madras with her family. On 7th January 1938, Gnanavallal Paranjothi Mahan received “Upadesha” or his first initiation from an elderly man at 11.11 p.m at the Race Course in Rangoon.People began to observe him and noticed brightness (tejas) on his face. Gnanavallal Paranjothi Mahan formed a fellowship centre (sabhai ) called Paripoorna Paranjothyin Uyar Gnana Sabhai and he named it as Universal Peace Sanctuary in 1946.

His Holiness left this world on 7-1-1981 to become one with the Supreme Lord.Gnanavallal Paranjothi Mahan was the first great exponent of kundalini yoga by using the easiest and simplest method which made him to be a man of true wisdom, a philosopher and a great spiritual leader until the people called him as “Mahan” (great saint).

If he had been alive today, the 2 words that I would have said to him is "Thank you sir" and "Santhosam"...

An Indepth Analysis of the Mind

Conscious and Unconscious Mind

This term had surfaced in the society more and more often these days than many years back. Though so, to some, unconscious is still a never of existent. Do these parts of the mind really exist? Let’s explore more what are the differences and you be your own judge.

Though in the society many speak of both the mind often, our mind is actually much more complicated than that as there are many different level of consciousness. But for now, let’s keep it to the simple understanding the Conscious and Unconscious Mind.

What are the differences between this two mind?

To help you understand further or more visually, one of the common metaphors people use is the ice-berg metaphor.

Your Conscious Mind is like the pinnacle of an iceberg on the picture above, where you can see the pinnacle of the iceberg through your naked eyes but far below, it is a mysterious hidden part that you do not see and know the vastness of the iceberg, which also represents your Unconscious Mind. Let’s break it down further.


The conscious mind is your waking mind, the part of your mind that is responsible for logic and reasoning, which sometimes people refer it as your EGO mind. For an example, if I give you an apple and an orange, you can point to me which is an apple and which is an orange.

Other than the logic and reasoning, your conscious mind also controls and executes the actions that you do intentionally. A simple example; you wanted to pick up a cup on the table, a signal is being sent to your brain and after a quick backend processing your hand will move towards the cup to pick it up because you are 100% conscious of what you are doing. It’s the same as any other movement that you will it to be consciously.

Karma and the Unconscious

Karma is believed to influence a major part of a human life. At least this is what the Hindus, Buddhist and the Jains believe in. So what really is karma?

Hinduism defines karma as the results of past actions and due to vasanas or latent desires arising from past lifes. Hindus believe in the proccess of reincarnation, or rebirth after death. These rebirths are believed to be due to actions/unfulfilled desires which have not been crystalised.

Therefore, in a nutshell, a major portion of our life is destined by the virtue of our own karmic imprints. It is not a god who gives us this destiny, but we our own selves. Therefore, a natural question arises, can we change our own destiny? Can we change karma? Since it is our own doing, can we do all these?

The answer I believe is both yes and no.

We first need to understand karma. Where is this karma situated? I mean there must be a place where the imprints are stored. So where is this? Well imprints are nothing but a form of frequency waves based on our conciousness. Our conciousness stays the same throughout all our lives, thousands of life. The imprints frequencies changes in every life but is tied/ attached to our conciousness.

So where is it stored? Well, it is all stored in a place called the unconscious mind.

The human mind is divided into 3 parts, i.e. the conscious mind, the subconscious mind and finally the unconscious mind. It is in this unconscious mind that karmic imprints are stored.

A normal human would be operating more than 90% on the conscious mind. Sometimes a bit from the subconscious but rarely in the unconscious except when he/she lapses into a coma.

Therefore, as the karmic imprints are stored in the unconscious, very few of us can really access this secret blueprints of our life. Therefore, to alter karma and to change our destiny it is a science by itself that is known to a very few people.

To access the unconscious, we need to go deep into relaxation and our brain waves have to reach a state called delta state which has a frequency of 0Hz-3Hz. A comma like situation. This is only possible with advanced meditation techniques which are practiced by the ancient sages, i.e. Kriya Yoga or Kundalini Yoga.

Thus the sages were able to alter their karma by being in the delta stage and escape the birth-death cycle of reincarnation and attain moksha (liberation).

I guess for the rest of us, till we learn to be in a meditative state, we all would still be stuck in the cycle of birth and death and be subjected to karmic consequences enforced by the Navagrahas (Planets).

Therefore, I urge all to study and practice the science and art of Yoga/Meditation today. A journey of thousand miles starts with one single step...


Monday, December 26, 2011

Is Hinduism a Religion or Science?

While browsing through a social networking site, I came across 2 individuals who were debating whether Hinduism is a religion or science. This facinated me and i thought of penning my thoughts on this matter.

First of all we need to define the terms religion and science. Religion according to the Oxford dictionary is defined as the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods. Science on the other hand is defined by the dictionary as the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

Lets first analyse the religion part. Is Hinduism a religion? Well according to Oxford dictionary's definition it certaintly is a religion. Hinduism has many god and goddessess as a dogma and belief. Examples include, but not limited to Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma, Goddess Lakshmi, etc. Furthermore, there is many sacred text which hinduism is based upon, i.e. the Vedas, the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, etc. Therefore it certaintly qualifies as a religion.

Now the science part. The key words here is systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. For this aspect I would just like to dissect one part of Hinduism which is my speciality which is astrology.

Astrology or vedic astrology to be precise is based upon the observation that planetary bodies do have an impact on human conciousness and behaviour. Astrology was developed thousands of years ago in India by the Hindu sages, i.e. Sage Parashara and Sage Agasthiar. Thousands of years before the advent of modern technology and telescopes, these sages were able to map out the star constellations to such an accuracy it bewilders amazement and wonder.

The art and science of astrology has to this date been studied enthusiastically by millions. The science of astrology is actually based both on logi and reasoning based on the observation of the hindu sages of yester years.

Coming back to our argument, so is Hinduism a science then? I believe definetely Hinduism is a science. Astrology which is a sub segment of Hinduism shows us that Hinduism bases its beliefs based on scientific truth.

I will be blogging more on this subjects in my later blog posts. Therefore as a conclusion, I believe Hinduism is both a religion and science as such. Aum.

Jesus Christ - Son of Caesar & Cleopatra?

I went to my brother's house for Christmas celebrations the other day. While we were having our dinner together, something interesting came up. My brother told me that there is an interesting theory that stipulates that Jesus Christ is in fact the son of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra!

I was quite stunned at the beginning and slowly my brother unfolded the theory. According to his research, he believed that Jesus Christ was actually crucified because he was the true heir to the Roman empire and the powers that be did not want him on the throne.

Jesus or Isa as he is popularly known then was believed to travel to India to avoid Roman prosecution. There in India, he was widely believed to have had studied and practice yoga and meditation under both hinduism and buddhism. Thus the saying that Jesus Christ was in fact a classmate of the great Kriya Babaji Nagaraj (the great mahaguru of Paramhansa Yogananda).

Well, I feel this theory seems to be quite logical, however it definetely needs more research and evidence. But indeed it fills in the gap of Jesus's missing years in the Holy Bible.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Is The World Coming to an End in 2012???

There is a great belief today that the world's coming to an end in 2012, predictably in December 2012. This prediction is said to be based on an ancient Mayan calender which is said to come to an abrupt end in December 2012, thus a belief that the world would eventually end during this time.

Numerous theories have been disccussed pertaining to this end of the world scenario. Countless movies have also been churned by Hollywood to portray this to the masses. Is it all really coming to an end?

Well, let us analyse the situation in a logical and rationale manner. Here are some of the possible reasons for a global meltdown which I believe is possible.

Firstly, the easiest way the world is going to end would be a nuclear war between nations. Now, based on today's data, the only countries which possess this technology would include the USA, UK, France, China, Russia, India, Pakistan and North Korea. It is widely believed Israel does too. So if there is a nuclear war, it has to involve these countries. Now as we know, out of these, the USA, UK, France, Russia, India and Pakistan are functional democracies and have always kept the nuclear option at bay. Therefore the only threat would be China and North Korea. China is also an emerging economy and thus the use of a nuke would only devastate China itself and therefore the government may not be apt to use a nuke in a wartime situation. The only possibility therefore is North Korea. But the politics of the North is in transition now as Kim Jong II is being replaed by his son and his policies are still unclear. The western nations are also engaging North Korea rather than striking a military embargo on  it. Therefore the probability of a nuclear catostrophe is quite low, perhaps just 2% probability.

The second means of global destruction is by a virus epidemic which could kill all mankind. As of today there is no indication of any epidemic. The nearest deadly diseases that we have are HIV and SARS virus. I am very sceptical that a new untreatable virus would emerge within the next 1 year.
However, the probability of this would be higher than the nuke factor. I would rate the probabity at 10%.

The 3rd means would be a meteor strike to our planet. A meteor strike would devastate the planet. However, if a meteor is to struck Earth, wouldn't NASA and other space agencies detected and calculated this years earlier? Wouldn't we have done something about it? Something like they did in the Armagedon movie? Therefore I think this is not a remote possibility.

The 4th means would be natural disasters. Something like what they showed in 2012, the movie. Based on the past few years there had been many disasters. Even astrology has predicted these natural disasters to occur during these period of time. The latest being the Japanese quake of 2011. So is natural disaster going to cause the end of our planet. Possibly yes, but the magnitute of it has to be so great and it has to happen simultaneously to all parts of the world. I feel this is quite difficult to occur. To say that tsunami, volcano eruptions, earthquakes and hurricanes happening simultaneously worlwide is a remote possibilitiy as the tectonic plates don't cover many places in Earth. Though high in probability natural disasters simultaneously in all parts of the world is still a low probability.

The 5th means which I can think of is an alien invasion. Yes, you are right you may be thinking I'm crazy. However, many people belief this is a possibility. The Mayans, who's calender this prediction is based upon were widely believed to have came in contact with extra terresterials. There are numerous gossips about what's happening in Area 51, Nevada as well. So, would the aliens land? I guess only time will tell. Or have they landed and are among us, just waiting for the opportune time to reveal it? The possibility is there.

So, out of the 5 theories above, only 1 seems to be logical yet far fetched, which is the alien theory. So therefore Earth still have a 80% possibility of survival. So I guess we should not be scared and fear that the world would end. Instead, we should take each day by its stride, and live our life to the fullest believing that there definetely is a better tommorow for all of us. We should learn to plant the apple seed even if the world is ending tommorow!...

My conclusion, the Earth and mankind would live for many many years to come...Amen!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tips to Counter Shani 7 1/2 Period

What is Spirituality

Many people ask me how is spirituality defined. They also ask how is spirituality different from religion. Here are some of my thoughts on these questions.

First, how would we define spirituality. The root word of spirituality is the Spirit. Spirit in this context would be refering to our soul or inner concioussness. Therefore, spirituality is in an essence to connect ourselves to our inner concioussness. In a nutshell it is an inward proccess.

Religion on the other hand is a set of dogmas, beliefs and practices followed by people around the world. All religions are faith based and focuses on the outward proccess based on sensory experiences. Most of these religions have a belief system of god/gods and goddess/godessess. It is a pursuit based on the relationship between a man and god. The means of achieving this relationship is through the use of prayers, rituals, pilgrimages and other acts of worship.

Coming back to spirituality, spirituality on the other hand is an inwards journey to reach one's conciousness. Conciousness is defined further as the awareness of a person's existence. The one voice within us that asks constantly, "Who am I?". The silent observer within ourselves.

Therefore, both paths are moving in the opposite direction. Religion sees everything from an extrinsic point of view while spirituality sees everything from an intristic point of view.

Now I would not say whether religion is superior to spirituality or vice versa. It is in my point of view that both play an important part in today's world. I believe one should follow one's heart on the path he/she chooses. As they say all roads lead to Rome finally.

Well this is my short take on both religion and spirituality. I would be writing more in the coming weeks on the topic. So stay tuned...

My 1st Blog Post - The 8th House Empire

Well it's Christmas eve today, 24th December 2011 and I thought of starting my own blog finally. So here it is, my blog titled The 8th House Empire.

Well what's this 8th House thing you may be wondering. Well, to answer your curiousity, the 8th house is referring to an astrological house in an astrogical chart which deals with astrology, metaphysics and spiritual occult practices. Since this is the topics I'm about to blog, I have come to call this blog The 8th House Empire.

So folks, I do hope you enjoy reading my blog articles and always feel free to comment. As they say sharing is caring, and feedback is the breakfast of champions.

So I happily welcome all of you to explore The 8th House Empire. Stay tune...