Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Deities explained

It is a common knowledge that Hinduism, the oldest religion in the world has more than 33 million gods and goddesses. Wherelse many other religions places emphasis on only one god or de-god or a god without form. In this article I hope to explain the concepts of gods (gods includes goddesses here) and deities as characterised by the Hindu religion.
First and formost, when we mention God, we refer to a super-force beyond us, beyond our understanding that somehow has an impact in our life. This is what all of us subconciously believe the nature of god is whether he/she is a Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Atheist. Only atheist believe it is a universal energy/ force compared with a named/ or a god with a form, that is.
So who is correct? Many gods? or one god? Well, here my take on this based on my experience in the metaphysical realms of the hidden 8th house. For me god is infinite source of energy, being a core centripetal force Generating (G), Operating (O), and Destroying (D) the universe. As such God is beyond comprehension and is infinite. The emphasis is on the word infinite.

The mathematical sign of infinity is ∞. Now mathematically to arrive at this, we must divide 1 with 0. Therefore to understand God basically we need to divide 1 with 0 to be infinite. When we become infinite we will truly understand God. So, you may be asking what I'm talking about here, as it sounds crazy. Well, as Einstein says, genius is truly madness, and Einstein too was crazy in his age. Anyway, I will not dwell on this anymore. To put it simply, to understand the true meaning of God is known as the spiritual process. This is not something I'm about to discuss today.
Our topic today centers on the concept of deities or archetypes. Well as I said god is infinite, that means he is everything. So could he be "Abundance"? Of course he is abundance! Could he be "Attraction"? Of course also! Could he be "Wisdom"? Of course once again. He is all and everything. Thus the 33 million gods (deities) in the hindu religion. In fact the list can go on and on, just that the Hindus were tired of creating more deities and retired into finding infinity long time back.

So lets just focus on three things here, which is abundance, attraction and wisdom. Is these 3 things important in life? Well if it is, how do we maximise these things? How do we get more wealth and prosperity (abundance)? how about beauty and relationship/love (attraction)? or knowledge and education (wisdom)?
The answer is we use the "law of attraction"...
What the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve, says the great motivator Napoleon Hill.
Therefore, the ancients used the science and technology of deities/archetypes to master the law of attraction. In the present times, motivators are using this law of attraction by using the techniques of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)  to do the magic. However, the problem is that most of the people are failing because this method is not powerful as it fails to cater to  the unconcious mind. And its only 50% successful in the subconcious level itself!
The Hindu science on the other hand, were devised by ancient spiritual masters called Siddhars/ Sages who were in the infinite stage of evolution. They had become one with god and mastered all attributes of god, they brought us the science of deities to benefit mankind.
The science is quite simple but profound and practised througout the ages. Lets just take the concept of "Abundance". How do we bring abundance in life. Well the first method taught by the western world is think abundance. Next is to visualise abundance. Next is believe we're in abundance. Well, many of my friends and clients had tried this, some managed better while some failed. This is once again because of our own karmic blocks in the unconcious, those lucky ones were free from this karmic limitations in the unconcious and had some successes.
A better way is to connect oneself to a deity. In the case of abundance, the Hindu sciences have consecrated a deity named Lakshmi. In fact all the modern words like Lux-ury and Luc-ky, comes from sanskrit Lakshmi. The Lakshmi archetype represents abundance and prosperity. For thousands of years, this deity has been given life (by process called consecration) and she now lives in realms of the collective unconcious. Thus by connecting to her, one slowly attracts abundance and wealth to oneself. She clears the pathways to abundance. Thus, by no other measure, she is the most popular deity in Hindu culture.
Thus, there are 33 million deities each offering one aspect of what we desire in life. The most popular deities are as follows:-
Goddess Lakshmi --> Abundance and prosperity
Goddess Saraswati --> Knowledge and arts

Goddess Parvathi --> Attraction and love

Goddess Durga --> Power and victory

Goddess Kali --> Destruction of enemies

Shiva --> Immortality and spiritual wisdom

Vishnu --> Prosperity and good life

Brahma --> Creation, creativity and strength

Ganesha --> Removal of obstacles

Kartikeya --> Success

So, in an essence, the deities that are worshiped in Hinduism are archtypes which help us in living our life to the fullest. They are embodiments of God, the infinite super soul. It really boils down to what we want most in life. For example, my own burning desire is to understand all the mysteries in life and become the infinite super soul, thus I pray to the Shiva archetype. In fact what I write in this blog all flows from his teachings and wisdom, in which I merely share the knowledge. Thus is with the other deities. At the end of the day, we can have whatever we want in life. The technology of deities is available to all and sundry. By using this technology one can lead a wonderful prosperous life.
God bless all...amen

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The science of astrology explained

The science of astrology has been with mankind since time immemorial. Most of the ancient civilizations including the Arabs, Egyptians, Indians, Chinese and the Sumerians used the techniques of astrology to predict natural calamities to their fortune and timing the planting of seeds for agriculture.
So what is astrology? Astrology in a nutshell is based on the principle of how the subtle planets within us affect us or the Earth. All entities have a certain magnetic influence upon another entity to a certain extent. This effect becomes the subtle effect influencing a certain body. Thus our planet for example is influenced by the motion of the moon phase culminating in the tides during full moon periods.

Throughout the ancient world and also the modern times, people have used this science to predict the future. Well is this possible? Is the future written in black and white? And if so by whom?
Well, based on my own research this is not so. The future is not written on anybody's forehead. Instead, we create our own reality based on our thought patterns. However, it is the thought patterns that become the big question. How are thought patterns created? Who creates them? And this questions haunt us on and on.
This is where astrology comes in. Every human being is born at a certain time at a certain place with a certain planetary combination in the sky. A the time of birth, the position of the moon is analysed to indicate the type of mind that one has. The star the moon transits is called Nakshatra (Birthstar constellation), The phase of the moon is known as Tidhi and the zodiac sign the moon is posited is known as Rasi.

In a nutshell, the Rasi, Nakshatra and Tidhi influences how we think and react to things. Since this influences us, our thought patterns becomes influenced and this creates a certain reality and manifests itself as our future. Why the position of the moon is taken? This is because at the time of birth, the position of moon in the sky reflects the condition of the mind the infant is born with based on the philosophy of "As above so below". Whatever happens in the universe is only a reflection of things happening within ourselves. Moon is taken as moon represents reflection, and the mind is but a reflection of the universe. The tarot card of the Magician implicitly shows this "As above, So below" connotation as follows:-
Thus, compared to Western Astrology, the Indian system of Vedic Astrology places more emphasis on the moon. As moon represents how we experience the world and react to it compared to western system which places the importance on Sun positions. Also, Vedic Astrology uses the star constellations, nakshatras to do the analysis of a horoscope.
So why am I sharing all this information? Well, this is because from my experience, I am quite disheartned with how this science has been misused by people for personal gain and profit. Charlatan or con mans have used this science to fool people to enrich themselves. Giving fake advices and promoting their useless products, people have been duped into believing their fate can be changed!
This has made this science a laughing stock for rationalist worldwide. The vast majority of astrologers out there does not have the neccessasy qualifications to be a good astrologer. Many astrologers do not even meditate or have a spiritual practice to enable them to analyse and give constructive advice to people they engage with. They are merely doing it for the money and not for the joy of helping a person genuinely or for enriching the science of astrology.
To learn astrology therefore, one need to be committed to a good spiritual practice. One is gifted if one has a good guide or guru for them. Luckier are those who come with an ancestral astrological genetical makeup and have a guru. Luckiest would be those with the DNA, the guru as well as benefic deity who loves them very much.
In a nutshell, astrology should be used as a compass in one's life. Just like it would be difficult to navigate the terrain if we do not have a GPS system, astrology could be used as our life GPS systen to understand ourselves better and lead productive lifes. Predicting the future on the other hand is a senseless use of astrology which is done in ignorance. By understanding ourselves better using astrology one handles life's many challenges better and much more intelligently. By doing so, one becomes successful and happy.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Why do Swamijis,Monks and Priests Jing Jing Walawalabangbang

The guy in the picture above is known as the reputed Swami Nityananda. For those not innitiated into the Swami industry, let me briefly explain the industry.

Swamis are considered the monks in the Hindu religion. They would have renounced all material worldly possessions and desires. The symbol of renuanciation is their orange robes not unlike the buddhist monks who wear orangish-yellow robes as their symbol of detachment.

People become monk/swami because they feel that the material world is only a delusion of nature and will never fullfill one's desires. Desires continue to go higher and higher and remains unsatiated. Thus, some people realise this folly of nature and retire into monkhood. Fair and square and definetely an honorable thing.

However, lately many scandals have surfaced regarding monks/swamis. Especially sex scandals. One such being in the center of the issue is none other than our Swami Nityananda who was recently in hot soup after his sexcapades with actress Ranjitha in South India.
Another person in similar hot situation is Cardinal Tarsico Bertonni, the secretary of the state of the Vatican City, pictured below...

According to news reports, found here, the guy is addicted to molesting young boys!!! Can anyone imagine this, a top Vatican official involved in this kind of things...
Another hero that can be found in the industry is Camnong Boa-Ubol, a buddhist monk convicted of rape of a woman.

Why is all this happening? Swamis, monks, priests, arent they supposed to be godly??? And its not just Hinduism, but Buddhism, Christianity and all the religions. Why is this happening to religious people like this?
Well here's the 8th house guy explaining the reason behind this situation. Truthfully all human being are endowed with sexual desires. It is only natural to have sexual desires and to fullfill them. Cupid's arrow touches everyone and no one is spared unless in some very unique circumstances Cupid cannot penetrate that person, like what happen in the case below....

Well, thats a unique situation. However, for the vast majority of humanoids, sexual urge is as normal as food and sleep.
Now what happens to this spiritual being known as monks, priests and swamis. They take up celibacy. Well why they take up celibacy is not in my scope of debate. It is their belief system. However, by being a celibate they turn the clocks on themselves and self destruct. They turn the natural state of being into a monster. Imagine their sexual desire as a coiled spring...

Once they become celibate, they press the spring so hard that it becomes super compressed, their sexual urge becomes very powerful because of suppression from it being expressed freely. And finally when a certain time in a certain situation in a certain location happens, this happens...

The second reason is, as a person becomes more spiritual his sexual powers grow stronger. This is metaphysical reason many are not aware of. The spiritual energy and the sexual energies are one and the same. Taken to the forhead 3rd eye center chakra, it becomes spiritual energy...

and taken to the genital it becomes the sexual energy. After all it is this sexual energy through sex that produces a new life. Thus this sacred energy is central to spiritual enlightenment. Thus, when a person becomes more spiritual, he becomes more powerful both spiritually and sexually...
Which brings me to the next reason, as the person becomes more spiritual and his sexual energy is like this...

then he/she attracts unwanted attraction like this...


Well, you get the idea...
This being are basically attracted to the spiritual person because of the immense energy that person possess. And they feed on this energies to become more powerful. And the more this entities play around with the person's aura and energies, the more they influence them and finally those poor monks, swamijis and priest do crazy things beyond their comprehension.

Well, if this is the case, what can we do. Well, for starters we should just ban monkhood and hypocracy in this world. Sexual sublimation should occur naturally and not forced into someone. This only worsens the situation tremendously. And secondly, its very difficult to defeat the beings shown in the pictures above in today';s world as this is the age of darkness. It's their reign now. A better strategy would be to follow the yogic path of naturalistic spiritual evolvement.
By engaging in yoga, one becomes in tune with nature and slowly will evolve into greater things. Contact will a genuine enlightened Guru would definetely protect a person from undesired entities. Yoga will eventually give a sustainable path to self realisation and nirvana...

So, the next time you see a swami, monk or priest, evaluate the person carefully...orange robes alone does not mean the person is holy, he may be folly instead, as they say, clothes don't make a man, character does...may the Jing Jing Walawalabangbang of these holy men stop...pray for them and bless them...

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Karma - Figment of imagination or reality?

I'm sure everyone sometime or rather had heard about the theory of karma. Karma is believed to be the results of past actions bearing fruit today. In various religions and belief systems karma is known by another name, as sin.
Well here are my thoughts on karma. And the best way of doing this is from my own personal experience. Few years back I was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease, whereby both my kidneys were damaged and could not filter out bodily wastes. After trying to find a solution to this problem, I came to realise that modern technology can only solve this problem in 2 ways. One was through dialysis and the other through a kidney transplant.
The problem with kidney transplant of course was in finding a willing kidney donor and the cost and side effects of post transplant medication, while dialysis was the discomfort of weekly visits to the dialysis sessions, discomfort, pain of needles poking us, etc...

When I first heard of my kidney problem, I was devastated. It was like death himself had visited me. I was young adult with lots of ambition and dreams, and yet fate gave me this!!! It was during this time, that I started my research on karma.
See, lets not talk about past life here. When I analysed my present life itself, there were many indications why my kidney had failed, some of the usual suspects in my case are these guys...



leading to this...

Well, those were the days. So these were some of the causes that resulted me into kidney problems and eventually dialysis. Thefore, we can see clearly the physical causation behind my physical ailment here. However karma is more in-depth than this. For example, what made me consume that burger in the first place, or why was I so focused in my job until I had no time to exercise?

Everything in life if we analyse carefully originate from thought waves of the mind. And where does the thought waves originate from? Who is influencing our thought patterns? What makes us reach to McDonalds and get the Big M?...Is it this clown???....

Or is there more to it than just this clown?

Science says that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Thoughts in an essence is an energy form. Thus it goes on and on, just changes its forms. Thus, we are constantly influenced by objects around us as well as objects within us. It is an interplay of galactic proportions. If a clown can influence us to buy McD, what about these gigantic space objects below...

Say the biggest guy there, Jupiter is millions of tonnes greater mass than President Obama, the most powerful man in the world! Sir Isaac Newton says in his gravitational theory that all masses has an impact and influence on other masses. So imagine our uncle Jupiter's influence on us...perplexing isn't it.
Therefore, I realised if we want to change our destiny we need to change our thought patterns. However this is easier said than done. Because, there's jumbo sized planets out there influencing our thoughts in the first place.
Well, the best part of dialysis is you tend to have TIME. Each session lasts 4 hours and we have to make it to the hospital 3 times a week minimum. That 4 hours gave me time for meditation and research. Thats how slowly I managed to solve my critical problem.
The science of changing destiny is truly understanding the planets and the zodiac belt of the universe. The planets affect us subtly, therefore it is not the physical planets, but the subtle body of the planet within us. For example, we all have a subtle sun within us, the position of the sun at the time of birth determines the inner sun's qualities thus affecting how our thought function and react in a given situation.
Karma's or unconcious thought patterns can slowly be changed by deep meditation and by certain ritualistic magick attracting positive vibrations of the archetype deities in the universe. To do so, requires one to master the science of astrology, particularly the Vedic Astrology, because it is the most comprehensive science of astrology in the planet today.
Using astrology I was able to change the course of my life. I solved my kidney problem within 2 years. And I am now back to normal life and roaring like a lion again...thus, by solving this problem, I have completed another similarity with my favourite archetype, Shiva peruman, and that is of Mahamrityunjaya (Great conqueror of death). I have conquered death itself and alive today with the grace of my beloved Shiva peruman. In fact the truth is all my knowledge and secret wisdom all comes from him...to him I'm ever grateful and may I end this post with this message...

Purva Phalguni aka Pooram Star - The Star of Sexual Bliss and Happiness

I thought of writing about this wonderful star named Purva Phalguni aka Pooram today. As the whole day was raining in my place and the weather was gloomy, to brighten my day, I thought about writing on a bright star, and this star came to my mind.

Well, so what is Purva Phalguni. Well, Purva Phalguni is sanskrit. Purva means The Former while Phalguni eans Red. Therefore literal sanksrit-english translation would mean the former reddish star. Why former, well it is connected to the next star, which is Uttara Phalguni (The Latter Reddish Star). So this Purva Phalguni is the first star before we enter the  next one which is Uttara Phalguni

The picture above vividly illustrates what this star is all about. This star is connected to the bed, particularly a red bed (since it is phalguni-red). The bed bring the connotation of comforts and all pleasures. While red denoted passions and creativity. Thus, this is the star of all pleasures and creativity in life. A person born under this star would always be sensuous and the center of attraction. Notable people like Madonna is an example...

The main archetype of this star is called bhaga or bahagia. Bhaga means happiness and comforts and is worshipped as god. The hindu word Bhag-wan comes from bhaga so is Bagh-dad. Well, Baghdad reminds me of someone now, and thats Saddam Hussein, poor guy was removed in a brutal way in office by Uncle Bush few years back...well as they say, what comes around, goes around...

Anyway, so this star is all about bhaga or happiness and pleasures of life. Therefore this star tells us about how to obtain that happiness. Now bhaga is depicted as the divine phallus conjoined to the divine vagina known as the phallus of Shiva, the Shivalingam

The Shivalingam (Divine phallus of Shiva) was conceived by our ancestors long time ago to denote the archetype Bhaga. Bhaga means the union of male and feminie principle, which is basically sexual union. In the physical plane sexual union leads to pleasurable bliss and the end product is children. Children is truly the blessings of the universe and is the greatest joy and happiness of everyone. Thus this star has to do with children.

The star sits in the Zodiac of Leo, and therefore is related to the 5th house in the astrological chart. Therefore, the 5th house denotes among others, creativity, children, love and sex and pleasures. All Purva Phalguni activities. Thus the ancients always considered the 5th house as a very important house in analysing our horoscope to determine our happiness or bahagia.

So, what use is all this information anyway you may ask, well this is such an important star. Many people are miserable and depressed and sad. What they need is Purva Phalguni theraphy. This theraphy basically attracts the powers and influence of Purva Phalguni and Bhaga to bless us with all comforts and pleasures in life. It is very easy to do actually.

On the day that the moon transits this star, on a waxing moon (rising moon), perform a water and milk bath to the Shivalingam. If you dont have a Lingam in the house, this can be done in a Shiva temple. Offer sincere prayers to Lord Shiva in his bhaga form, by first praising his benevolence and then obtain his blessings thereafter. This should be performed preferably by both the husband and wife. If unmarried, this is unnecessary.

Once back home, the wife should invite the universal masculine spirit into the husband (Shiva) by chanting the 108 names of Lord Shiva and offering flower petals (white flowers are best) for each name. The 108 names can be obtained in the net. Once this is done, the husband will then invite the universal feminine spirit (Devi) into the wife and offering flower petals (red flowers are best). All this is done in the bed. Candles and scents make it even better. Soft soothing music is definetely an added touch...and after that both should make love in the most passionate way and internalising the word "Bhaga" or "bahagia"...

Done over a period of time, this practice will slowly bring about happiness and all round comforts to the person. Those having problems with conceiving children will also be blessed to have children. Purva Phalguni is a very loving star, and all can ask for it's genuine help. It is one of the most wonderful stars around, and all we have to do is connect to its energies.

So here it is folks, lets make love, not war...cherrio :-)