Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Uttara Phalguni – The Star of the Big Bull

I guess a sudden inspiration today was the reason I’m writing about this star called Uttara Phalguni, or also known as the Utiram star today. I had written about it’s other half, Purva Phalguni previously in this blog.

So who is Mr. Uttara Phalguni? Well, just like it’s pair Purva Phalguni, this star has also sexual connotation. The name of this star means the Latter Half of the Red Bed. So, this star has deeper sexual connotation than even Purva Phalguni.
The animal associated with this star is the male bull. The bull is regarded as the animal most identified with sexual potency, especially of the male species.
Therefore, this nakshatra or star represents the male sexual potency. The deity of this asterism is non-other than Shiva peruman himself. Note that both in Purva Phalguni and Uttara Phalguni Shiva is depicted as the Shiva lingam (Divine Phalus) representing coitus or sexual union.

Shiva’s vahana (animal) is also the male bull known as Nandi. The bull here represents sexuality, very strong virile sexuality. However, when Shiva is worshipped in temples worldwide, the Nandi is often portrayed in a calm and serene sitting manner where he is not wild anymore. Why is this? The reason is that, the wild bull of Uttara Phalguni has reached the abode of another star known as Revathi, where the wild bull has become sublimated in its sexuality and has reached cosmic consciousness. The sexual force has transcended the physical realm and went into divine blissful consciousness.

However, in Uttara Phalguni, this bull is in full rampage. Therefore, those born under this star possess strong sexual powers and desires. And with this sexual powers, there comes great love as well. Therefore, just like Purva Phalguni, this star also represents love. While Purva is about receiving love (feminine) in nature, Uttara is about giving love (masculine) in nature. And man who are born in this star is definitely lucky as they are endowed with a huge, powerful and strong….well…”divinity” which would definitely make a woman go into divine ecstasy…

Since, sexuality is strong here, this star has to do with all kinds of partnerships and contracts. Therefore, it covers the portfolio of marriage. In mythology, all the deities, from Shiva to Kartikeya were married under this star, on the day of Pangguni Utiram, where the moon is full in Uttara Phalguni. Thus this star is good for marriages and shanti muhurthams (consummation of marriage).
The star, since it is related to love also deals with patronage of all sorts. A patron at the end of the day is about giving love. Therefore, great patrons or godfathers of sorts are made under this star. Many leaders including George Washington are born under this star.

The Star of the Godfathers....


Those who are born under this star should connect themselves to the energies of Shiva peruman. Those who want to take advantage of the power and energies of this star should also do the same. By worshipping the Shivalingam when the moon transits this star, one is blessed by its universal energy of divine love.
May everyone be blessed with the universal energies of Uttara Phalguni…Aum to Love….ehhhhhaaaaaa…..



KilltheIrishman said...

Very nice to read this article, born under this star has it own benefits and weakness. Shiva as their divine father has easy to attain blessings from thy father.
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Shiva cult with spread again


nice post. my birth star is uttara phalguni and although i am a girl i can very well relate to your description.
love and regards