Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Let's Go Andro Baby!

Today was a great day. The whole day was filled with great emotions and it was geared to strangely my beloved Shiva peruman. Sometimes tears will fall in my eyes that I have to wipe it out as people would think I’m nuts. Well, the truth is I’m a true nut actually. Since, I’m constantly in the realms of the 8th house I’m always in the world of secrets and taboo that normal people shy away from. For those uninitiated, the 8th house here refers to the house of the astrological chart where it rules all things secret (i.e. sex, death and rock and roll), well something like that I suppose. The 8th house being the natural house of Scorpion. Well the reason the 8th house is the place of secrets is natural if we see the mascot of this house which is the scorpion. A highly dangerous and secretive animal.Thus even this blog is called the 8th House Empire.

Anyway, let me stop about babbling about the scorpion. Since I was in some real scorpionic emotions on my Gurudev, Shiva peruman today, thought of doing something on him. After all, he’s the biggest Scorpion out there…the guru of all Scorpions out there, yeah including the Great USA!!!...yeah you got it rite, Uncle Sam was declared independent on July 4, 1776 with Scorpion as the rising ascendant sign, thus uncle Sam is all about Sex, Drugs, Death, Occult and Black Metal, hail Shiva, hail Sam, hail Pentagon! (Yeah pentagon is 5 pointed – Na Ma Shi Va Ya).

Since I feel like being in the taboo breaking kind of mood today, thought of doing something taboo-ish. Well, thought of Gurudev’s name of Ardraneeswara. This is one of the names of Shiva peruman. Ardraneeshwar is believed to be Shiva-Shakti amalgated. And of course there’s some Indian mythology behind the legend of Ardraneeshwar. Well, I’m not about to go into mythology today. I prefer to just go to logical arguments based on my 1st hand experience from of course the 8th house training I’ve underwent in the metaphysical realms given by none other than my Gurudeva, Shiva peruman himself.

Ardraneeshwar actually can be separated into two syllable. Ardra-Ishwara which means The star Arudra/ Ardra – Betelgeuse Alpha Orionis (Ardra) and God (Ishwara). Therefore it literally means the god of Ardra star. Shiva peruman in his fierce Rudra form rules this star. However, when we look carefully at this star, this star happens to have the gender of a female dog. Therefore the energies of this star is feminine in nature. Shiva therefore becomes feminine here but without losing his masculinity. He therefore becomes both male and female in one form and thus becomes Ardraneeshwara. He becomes Androgynous.

The rational or life lesson here is that of overcoming the dualities present in life. Since Shiva peruman rules enlightenment and moksha, he is telling humanity that to reach enlightenment one needs to overcome all illusions of duality present in nature (i.e. pain-pleasure, male-female, good-evil, rich-poor, etc…you get my idea…), thus he is showing us the life lesson we must understand to reach the state of universal realisation or divine realisation.

A truly enlighted being does not attach himself to the body of his living. Thus a male-bodied man can easily identify himself as a woman through crossdressing as he is not attached consciously to the body, and vice versa to a woman. However, this is easier said than done. People often view this as a total taboo or a humiliation to society if a man or woman does this, but the truth is spiritually the body is not who we are. What we are is pure divine consciousness, and that consciousness is not male or female. The crossdressers in India, called Hijrah’s are treated like semi-divine and are even invited to officiate and bless ceremonies, while in most part of the world, crossdressers and effeminate man are shunned and humiliated.

So, if you think you’re enlighted, think again. Try wearing that opposite gender’s clothes today and see if you’re comfortable with it. If you are, you’re there, or maybe somewhere near. If you’re not, don’t worry, pick up that holy book of yours and say your prayer, you will get there one day. Lets go Andro baby!!!...

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