Monday, February 15, 2016

Saturn in Scorpio - Evolution of Consciousness

How times change. Nothing seems to be static and everything changes as TIME progresses. Strangely I came across this blog again after three years of my absence. I am truly amazed to see my own writings of previous years and marveled at my own transformations. I can now see how we can reflect upon our own selves by blogging.

I am now starting to see that all is only the universal scheme of greater consciousness leading our finite consciousness into the vast ocean of itself. Like a drop of water into the ocean of existence. The age of Ascension has truly began...

With Saturn in Scorpio in 2016, the age of transformation is definitely felt in all sphere of our lives. Even countries have not been spared, whereby many have had their economies and political structures going through lots of crisis and change. While transformations are usually good in the end, it's a big challenge when it is on-going.

As for the individuals and lay persons, transformations which is denoted by Scorpio heals us from the burden of self-ego and past wounds. Saturn in Scorpio shows us our past deep rooted fears and karma and helps us to transform us from mortals to immortals (maha-mrityunjaya).

Saturn in Scorpio is akin to the story of Lord Muruga also known as Skanda. Skanda was born in the star of Visakha and also the patron of Krittika @ Pleaides Constellation. Legend has it that the Great Lord Skanda was born to kill a demon king named Surapadman.

Surapadman had obtained the boon from Lord Shiva that he will be invisible in battle and non can harm him, except for a child. Thus, tormented by the demon king Surapadman, the celestial beings approached Lord Shiva for a solution for the crisis. And thus Lord Shiva promised the celestial beings that HIS own son, will destroy the demon Surapadman.

Thus, from the 3rd eye (Agyna Chakra) of Lord Shiva was born Lord Skanda. Eventually Lord Skanda grew up and killed Surapadman. This battle between Lord Skanda and Surapadman took place in the city of Chendur, India (now known as Thiru-Chendur).

Till this day, the festival of Lord Skanda killing the demon king Surapadman is celebrated in this holy city of Tiruchendur, India. It is known as Soora-Samharam (Killing-Soorapadman) and takes place on the 6th Waxing moon when the Sun transits Visakha Nakshatra in the month of Karthigai.

Why am I telling this story though, and what is the relevance of it with today's topic? Well, the first star in Scorpio is the star Visakha (The star of Skanda). Scorpio begins with Visakha, proceeds with Anuradha (Anusham) and ends with Jyestha (Kettai). 

Thus Visakha denotes us, the God within us - the Skanda energy within us. And we are going to war with Scorpio. Scorpio is the place of Power-Ego(Surapadman). Scorpio denotes all kinds of power, good as well as evil selfish motives. Surapadman actually denotes the FINITE EGO within us all, while Lord Skanda repressents the WISDOM (GNANA SHAKTI) within us all. 

Thus when the Sun transits the star Visakham and the Moon is in the 6th waxing stage, we celebrate the annihilation of our small ego and the merging of our ego into the universal consciousness by the grace of divine wisdom which is denoted by Lord Skanda. This happens usually 6 days after the Diwali festival annually.

Therefore, during this turbulent transformative times, one needs divine guidance and wisdom, connecting oneself to the universal energies of Lord Skanda avails us the gift of transcending our lower ego self and progressing well in our spiritual journey.

All glories to Lord Skanda...Om Saravanabhava...

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