Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Deities explained

It is a common knowledge that Hinduism, the oldest religion in the world has more than 33 million gods and goddesses. Wherelse many other religions places emphasis on only one god or de-god or a god without form. In this article I hope to explain the concepts of gods (gods includes goddesses here) and deities as characterised by the Hindu religion.
First and formost, when we mention God, we refer to a super-force beyond us, beyond our understanding that somehow has an impact in our life. This is what all of us subconciously believe the nature of god is whether he/she is a Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Atheist. Only atheist believe it is a universal energy/ force compared with a named/ or a god with a form, that is.
So who is correct? Many gods? or one god? Well, here my take on this based on my experience in the metaphysical realms of the hidden 8th house. For me god is infinite source of energy, being a core centripetal force Generating (G), Operating (O), and Destroying (D) the universe. As such God is beyond comprehension and is infinite. The emphasis is on the word infinite.

The mathematical sign of infinity is ∞. Now mathematically to arrive at this, we must divide 1 with 0. Therefore to understand God basically we need to divide 1 with 0 to be infinite. When we become infinite we will truly understand God. So, you may be asking what I'm talking about here, as it sounds crazy. Well, as Einstein says, genius is truly madness, and Einstein too was crazy in his age. Anyway, I will not dwell on this anymore. To put it simply, to understand the true meaning of God is known as the spiritual process. This is not something I'm about to discuss today.
Our topic today centers on the concept of deities or archetypes. Well as I said god is infinite, that means he is everything. So could he be "Abundance"? Of course he is abundance! Could he be "Attraction"? Of course also! Could he be "Wisdom"? Of course once again. He is all and everything. Thus the 33 million gods (deities) in the hindu religion. In fact the list can go on and on, just that the Hindus were tired of creating more deities and retired into finding infinity long time back.

So lets just focus on three things here, which is abundance, attraction and wisdom. Is these 3 things important in life? Well if it is, how do we maximise these things? How do we get more wealth and prosperity (abundance)? how about beauty and relationship/love (attraction)? or knowledge and education (wisdom)?
The answer is we use the "law of attraction"...
What the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve, says the great motivator Napoleon Hill.
Therefore, the ancients used the science and technology of deities/archetypes to master the law of attraction. In the present times, motivators are using this law of attraction by using the techniques of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)  to do the magic. However, the problem is that most of the people are failing because this method is not powerful as it fails to cater to  the unconcious mind. And its only 50% successful in the subconcious level itself!
The Hindu science on the other hand, were devised by ancient spiritual masters called Siddhars/ Sages who were in the infinite stage of evolution. They had become one with god and mastered all attributes of god, they brought us the science of deities to benefit mankind.
The science is quite simple but profound and practised througout the ages. Lets just take the concept of "Abundance". How do we bring abundance in life. Well the first method taught by the western world is think abundance. Next is to visualise abundance. Next is believe we're in abundance. Well, many of my friends and clients had tried this, some managed better while some failed. This is once again because of our own karmic blocks in the unconcious, those lucky ones were free from this karmic limitations in the unconcious and had some successes.
A better way is to connect oneself to a deity. In the case of abundance, the Hindu sciences have consecrated a deity named Lakshmi. In fact all the modern words like Lux-ury and Luc-ky, comes from sanskrit Lakshmi. The Lakshmi archetype represents abundance and prosperity. For thousands of years, this deity has been given life (by process called consecration) and she now lives in realms of the collective unconcious. Thus by connecting to her, one slowly attracts abundance and wealth to oneself. She clears the pathways to abundance. Thus, by no other measure, she is the most popular deity in Hindu culture.
Thus, there are 33 million deities each offering one aspect of what we desire in life. The most popular deities are as follows:-
Goddess Lakshmi --> Abundance and prosperity
Goddess Saraswati --> Knowledge and arts

Goddess Parvathi --> Attraction and love

Goddess Durga --> Power and victory

Goddess Kali --> Destruction of enemies

Shiva --> Immortality and spiritual wisdom

Vishnu --> Prosperity and good life

Brahma --> Creation, creativity and strength

Ganesha --> Removal of obstacles

Kartikeya --> Success

So, in an essence, the deities that are worshiped in Hinduism are archtypes which help us in living our life to the fullest. They are embodiments of God, the infinite super soul. It really boils down to what we want most in life. For example, my own burning desire is to understand all the mysteries in life and become the infinite super soul, thus I pray to the Shiva archetype. In fact what I write in this blog all flows from his teachings and wisdom, in which I merely share the knowledge. Thus is with the other deities. At the end of the day, we can have whatever we want in life. The technology of deities is available to all and sundry. By using this technology one can lead a wonderful prosperous life.
God bless all...amen

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