Saturday, December 15, 2012

The science of astrology explained

The science of astrology has been with mankind since time immemorial. Most of the ancient civilizations including the Arabs, Egyptians, Indians, Chinese and the Sumerians used the techniques of astrology to predict natural calamities to their fortune and timing the planting of seeds for agriculture.
So what is astrology? Astrology in a nutshell is based on the principle of how the subtle planets within us affect us or the Earth. All entities have a certain magnetic influence upon another entity to a certain extent. This effect becomes the subtle effect influencing a certain body. Thus our planet for example is influenced by the motion of the moon phase culminating in the tides during full moon periods.

Throughout the ancient world and also the modern times, people have used this science to predict the future. Well is this possible? Is the future written in black and white? And if so by whom?
Well, based on my own research this is not so. The future is not written on anybody's forehead. Instead, we create our own reality based on our thought patterns. However, it is the thought patterns that become the big question. How are thought patterns created? Who creates them? And this questions haunt us on and on.
This is where astrology comes in. Every human being is born at a certain time at a certain place with a certain planetary combination in the sky. A the time of birth, the position of the moon is analysed to indicate the type of mind that one has. The star the moon transits is called Nakshatra (Birthstar constellation), The phase of the moon is known as Tidhi and the zodiac sign the moon is posited is known as Rasi.

In a nutshell, the Rasi, Nakshatra and Tidhi influences how we think and react to things. Since this influences us, our thought patterns becomes influenced and this creates a certain reality and manifests itself as our future. Why the position of the moon is taken? This is because at the time of birth, the position of moon in the sky reflects the condition of the mind the infant is born with based on the philosophy of "As above so below". Whatever happens in the universe is only a reflection of things happening within ourselves. Moon is taken as moon represents reflection, and the mind is but a reflection of the universe. The tarot card of the Magician implicitly shows this "As above, So below" connotation as follows:-
Thus, compared to Western Astrology, the Indian system of Vedic Astrology places more emphasis on the moon. As moon represents how we experience the world and react to it compared to western system which places the importance on Sun positions. Also, Vedic Astrology uses the star constellations, nakshatras to do the analysis of a horoscope.
So why am I sharing all this information? Well, this is because from my experience, I am quite disheartned with how this science has been misused by people for personal gain and profit. Charlatan or con mans have used this science to fool people to enrich themselves. Giving fake advices and promoting their useless products, people have been duped into believing their fate can be changed!
This has made this science a laughing stock for rationalist worldwide. The vast majority of astrologers out there does not have the neccessasy qualifications to be a good astrologer. Many astrologers do not even meditate or have a spiritual practice to enable them to analyse and give constructive advice to people they engage with. They are merely doing it for the money and not for the joy of helping a person genuinely or for enriching the science of astrology.
To learn astrology therefore, one need to be committed to a good spiritual practice. One is gifted if one has a good guide or guru for them. Luckier are those who come with an ancestral astrological genetical makeup and have a guru. Luckiest would be those with the DNA, the guru as well as benefic deity who loves them very much.
In a nutshell, astrology should be used as a compass in one's life. Just like it would be difficult to navigate the terrain if we do not have a GPS system, astrology could be used as our life GPS systen to understand ourselves better and lead productive lifes. Predicting the future on the other hand is a senseless use of astrology which is done in ignorance. By understanding ourselves better using astrology one handles life's many challenges better and much more intelligently. By doing so, one becomes successful and happy.

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